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Terms and conditions

By applying for a passport you agree to these terms and conditions.

You confirm that:

  • the information you’ve provided is correct
  • you’ll contact us immediately if your old passport gets lost, stolen or damaged after you’ve applied
  • you’re a British national and you haven’t lost or given up your national status
  • you aren’t breaking the terms of a court order by making this application
  • you don’t owe any money to the UK government for repatriation costs, for example when the government pays to get you home from abroad

We may ask for more information before we can continue with your application.

Warning If you give untrue or misleading information, we may share information with the police in the UK or abroad and you could be prosecuted.

Your new photo

Your new photo must look like you and must not have been altered in any way. It must have been taken in the last month.

Photos that pass our online checks may still be unsuitable for your new passport. We may ask for a different digital or paper photo.

Passport fee

Payments are managed by a company called Atos - you’ll be taken to their website when you pay.

Atos are responsible for the information you provide on their website and the availability of their service.

Your new passport

When you get your new passport you must sign it with black ballpoint pen. You can’t use it until you do.

If you can’t sign your name, provide an explanation before you pay. Your passport will show ‘the holder is not required to sign’.

Cancellation and refunds

You won’t get a refund if:

  • your application is delayed because we need to make extra checks
  • we move you to a different service and your application takes longer, for example you’re moved from online Premium to Fast Track
  • we withdraw your application because we haven’t seen your old passport or other information we’ve asked for
  • you cancel your application

You can cancel your application at any time but you’ll need to do it in writing. Contact us to find out what you need to do.

Applying online

You must send us your old passport. If we don’t receive it within 90 days we’ll withdraw your application and you won’t get a refund.

Applying with Online Premium

You need to come to your collection appointment in person. You must bring your old passport with you – you can’t collect your new passport without it.

Warning Your old passport will be cancelled on the day of your collection appointment. You can’t use it - you could be stopped by the authorities if you do.

If you can’t go to your collection appointment, contact us. We’ll arrange another time for you to collect your new passport. If you don’t collect it within 28 days we’ll cancel it, and you’ll have to apply again.

Your privacy

Your information and photos will be stored securely and used in line with our privacy policy and cookie policy.